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10 Home Staging Mistakes every home seller should avoid!

1. Staging With Furniture That Is Too Large for the Space Large sectionals couches are a great lounging item, but if you’re staging a home to sell, they can take
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Why didn’t my home sell?

Staging is not about your personal style, displaying your collections, etc. The way we function in our homes in our day-to-day lives is perfect for our daily lives. However, when you
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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Stager​

Help clients do their staging homework. First, find out what comparable homes look like and whether they’re staged. Then interview potential stagers with these questions. Can I see before-and-after photos
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Looking for a quick home sale?

Are you looking to sell your home quickly in this market? Data shows that staging and designing your home quickens the sale cycle. Contact our team and schedule a consultation today!