Our Design Services

We offer several services to assist you with a variety of design consultations catered to fit your needs.

These services include but are not limited to:

Lighting Consultation:

Our lighting consultation expert will assist you in selecting light fixtures that provide the right amount of light, are the right size, color, and style for your home. Purchases can be made by the designer or direct links can be provided. 

Fee: $150/hr

Painting Consultation: Interior and Exterior

Our color consultation expert will guide you through the often overwhelming task of choosing paint for your property and recommend specific colors based on extensive knowledge of what compliments your space best. A painter can be recommended if needed. 

Fee: $150/hr

Tile and Flooring Consultation:

It can be daunting to navigate the elaborate world of tile and flooring but we can help you with this! After accessing your needs, we can provide samples or go shopping together to determine what will work best. Recommendations and resources can be provided for the best tile and flooring subcontractors in the area. 

Fee: $150/hr

Furniture Layout Consultation:

If you are having difficulty determining the best layout for your furniture in your home, we can draft alternate furniture layouts and consult on the most suitable layout for your space.

Fee: $150/hr

Furniture Purchasing Consultation:

If you are having trouble choosing and sourcing furniture for your space, our designer has exclusive resources to help you find the interior selections that will create the look and feel you desire. 

Fee: $150/hr

New Construction or Remodel Design Management:

This process can be intimidating and challenging and we would like to change that to fun and exciting! After our initial conversation about design inspirations, we will begin the process of selecting and curating what will be your new home! 

Examples of this may include: 

  • Advice, design, & implementation 
  • Help to narrow down the decision making and simplify the conflict of choice
  • Design and coordinate colors and finishes, interface with architect, contractor and other professionals on behalf of client or in conjunction with
  • Schedule and coordinate the project so it runs efficiently while balancing budget with time
  • Educate clients regarding the process involved, create a master plan that can be implemented at once or in stages.

Fee: Project Specific Pricing