Why didn’t my home sell?

Staging is not about your personal style, displaying your collections, etc. The way we function in our homes in our day-to-day lives is perfect for our daily lives. However, when you decide to list your home for sale, you must think about how to merchandise that home properly to appeal to the greatest pool of potential buyers.

Many people think that staging is the same as decorating. There is a significant difference between the two. Decorating is about your personal style. As an example, if you love purple and gold and want that in your bedroom, then, by all means, decorate your bedroom in purple and gold. The way you have decorated your home for your enjoyment and how you market your house for sale is very different.

Staging isn’t just about decluttering and bowls of fruit. It’s also about fixing up the little things that distract people from your incredible home. Most buyers have trouble seeing past cosmetic issues like scuffed paint, floors in need of refinishing, or outdated fixtures.

Imagine going to a job interview with old sweatpants, a BBQ stained t-shirt, and slippers…when asked, you reply it’s part of your personality. Making repairs, deep cleaning, and staging the property makes all the difference in how quickly a home will sell. 

While vacant homes have the problem of potential buyers not envisioning the space’s potential, houses crammed with too much of the current owner’s stuff feel cramped and overwhelming.

Incorrect staging can fail to show off your home’s assets or, even worse, highlight flaws you’re hoping to draw buyers’ attention away from

Professionally staged properties show better than competing ones for sale, including new construction homes and higher-priced properties. Staged properties sell faster when compared with properties that have not been staged. Even in a slow real estate market, professional home staging shortens the time between listing until the date of closing. Staged properties can increase the number of offers and selling price in hot markets.

The more you can let them picture their own stuff there, the better.

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